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Christmas Craft Ideas
for Kids

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Some of my favourite memories come from arts and craft sessions with my own children. Arts and crafts at home are a great way to spend some time together at Christmas and encourage your children to get creative too.

Here are a few ideas – kindly shared by some of our play club partners – to get you started!

Are you ready for some Christmas crafting with your little ones?

Gifts and Keepsakes

Handmade Cards

(from Get Set Go)

A staple of festive arts and crafts, Grandparents and other family will cherish these Christmas keepsakes as children get older. They’re also a great excuse to practise handwriting skills, as demonstrated the talented youngsters at Get Set Go!

Christmas Trees

(from Fusion)

Build mini Christmas trees with materials such as cardboard tubes and patterned paper. Sticking on little decorations like pom-poms and coloured tape can be a great exercise to develop younger children’s dexterity.


Paper Plate Santa

(from Fusion)

This is a nice simple craft for younger children, doesn’t need many materials and is great for getting familiar with shapes. Cutting Santa’s beard is ideal for practising scissor skills.

Festive Snacks

Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cookies

(from Jousters)

Baking is a great activity to get children of different ages involved in. Older children can strengthen their maths skills by weighing and measuring the ingredients, while younger children will love getting creative (and maybe a little messy) with the decorations.


Edible Snowman

(from Fusion)

This simple but incredibly effective melting snowman biscuit is another great activity for older and younger children to try together. Take a look at Fusion’s funky little snowmen!

Wildlife Friendly Reindeer Food

(from Jousters)

You may have seen reindeer food in the shops – but some of this is full of glitter, which is not very good for Santa’s reindeer or other garden wildlife. Instead, you can easily up your own feed with a few things from your kitchen cupboard.


Craft Stick Reindeer Ornaments

(from Get Set Go)

These look wonderful hanging in the tree or even as a decoration on a gift. You might want to glue the sticks together in advance for younger children – but it’s a great lesson in patience for older ones! (Maybe they could try one of the other craft ideas on this list while they wait for it to dry?)

Snow Globe Cup Ornaments

(from Jousters)

You could use pictures or cut-outs from old Christmas cards just like Jousters have done, or add a personal touch with a photo of your child. The perfect decoration to bring out every year and see how much your little one has grown, or as a gift for the family.

Clay Snowman

(from Fusion)

There’s no need to wait for snow to build your own snowman! You can build one with clay, play dough, or salt dough and add a mini felt scarf and twig arms to bring him to life. Why not pop the little fella inside your Snow Globe Cup Ornament (above)?

Christmas Paper Chain

(from Get Set Go)

A lovely quiet activity to do together in front of your favourite Christmas film. This is also a great way to use up those extra bits of wrapping paper or leftover scraps from your other crafts.

How to organise your Christmas crafts

We know that over the years it can be tricky storing and organising your children’s arts and crafts. Here are some top tips for keeping everything sorted and identifiable:

  • Apply some durable labels to your children’s craft activities so you can find them again for next year
  • Separate the crafts into different transparent boxes or a tower cart and label each box
  • Add in some smaller inserts for pens, pencils, paint brushes to keep these tidy
  • Use plastic tubs or glass jars for buttons, pipe cleaners, lolly sticks, etc.

My biggest tip is to teach your children how to put things back in their proper places. It takes some extra diligence at the beginning, but will pay off in the form of more organised craft supplies and less stress trying to clean up after.


Creative play is a key part of the balanced play pyramid because not only is it great fun, but it can also support your child’s development in lots of ways.

To make sure your child gets the chance to get involved in arts and crafts this Christmas, why not make a timetable and plan in the crafts you’d like to do over the next week. This makes it much easier to plan the materials you’ll need and acts as a reminder to get your weekly dose of crafting.

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